Flight 694/383/128 Aviation Memorial Grove - England-Idlewild Park- Burlington, Kentucky USA
"Pavane pour une infante défunte" Maurice Ravel
Courtesy of Dorian Hart-Cochrane
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This poem appeared in the paper (probably The Post/ Times Star at that time). "Safe Inside" On November the eighth, nineteen sixty-five Fifty-eight people lost their lives In an airplane crash on a lonely hill That was deep in the darkness which completely filled the early autumn night. The folks on board had no suspicion of the disastrous end to their aerial mission, for their eyes were lifted to a place above where The Father's arms were spread with love, And there they will dwell forevermore . . . Safe inside." Unknown Source

I had no idea that this website existed. You have no idea of how cathartic this is for the family members of those who died on Fl 383 in 1965. I was a 17 year old high school senior, whose last memory of my father was the very early morning of Nov. 8th as he left Philadelphia for New York. He reminded me to make his birthday cake for the next day was his birthday and he would be flying home from Cincinnati on Wed. We heard about the crash and we sat up until late waiting to hear something. Late that night, the priest came to tell us that Dad would never be coming home. Friends and neighbors took all the newspapers away so I never saw any pictures until tonight. He just never came home. Even at 63 years old, I still measure time as "before the accident" and "after". Looking at the pictures, reading what really happened, reading what the witnesses saw.... It brought it back, with all the tears again, but also with a sense of closure. Your site and all then work you have done have made a personal tragedy and pain part of history and the knowledge that it will not be just forgotten is very healing. Thank you.Susan Patterson

My father, William R. McDevitt, was one of the victims of Flt. 383. Julia Harmon

I had no idea this existed. Thank you. Steve Creasy, son of Sam Creasy

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