Flight 694/383/128 Aviation Memorial Grove - England-Idlewild Park- Burlington, Kentucky USA
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The Flight 694/383/128 Memorial Group, Inc. will be sponsoring a ceremony on Sunday November 19, 2017 at 3 pm at the Aviation Memorial Grove Plaza at England Idlewild Park in Burlington, Kentucky marking 50 years since the loss of TWA Flight 128 . The event is open to the public. {A special thanks to Linda Holbrook and Scott Wolf  for  their efforts in making the ceremony possible.}


The book, "Air Disasters near the Greater Cincinnati Airport 1948 to 1968" is SOLD OUT! Click  STORE for additional information.


Remember that our website continues to be funded through private donations and does not come from contributions made for the roadside historical markers, the  memorial in Burlington or from donations for memorial enhancements. I want to thank Ruben Torres, survivor of TWA Flight 128, for sponsoring the site in 2015. You may contribute at our store located on this website. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated. CONTRIBUTE


In April 2017, we renewed our annual status as a foreign corporation with the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Linda Holbrook remains the Registered Agent in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


In January 2015 we renewed our corporate        status with the state of  Ohio until 2020.
Our corporation is based in Dayton, Ohio.


The Flight 694/383/694 Group, Inc. would like to extend our condolences  to  the family of Elinor K. Kurtock-Shadley who passed on August 3, 2017. Ellie was a surviving hostess on TWA Flight 128 which  crashed on the evening of  November 20, 1967 in Cincinnati. She will be missed by family, friends and the Flight 694/383/128 Memorial Group community. Elinor Shadley Obituary

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