Flight 694/383/128 Aviation Memorial Grove - England-Idlewild Park- Burlington, Kentucky USA

By Rollie Puterbaugh
Copyright 2012
All Rights Reserved: Flight 694/383/128 Memorial Group

After very careful consideration, I have decided to release the manuscript that I have been working on concerning the aviation disasters near the Greater Cincinnati Airport during the early years of its history between 1948 and 1967. This writing remains a work in progress and will be frequently edited and updated. The American Airlines Flight 383 story remains incomplete but the work continues. TWA Flight 128 has not been started but, in the meantime, you may access a review of this accident by clicking on the page "Story of TWA 128" located on this website. Click on the above underlined title to access the E-Book. Thank you for your interest in our project. You may submit questions or comments to: rollie13@msn.com .

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