Flight 694/383/128 Aviation Memorial Grove - England-Idlewild Park- Burlington, Kentucky USA
Flight 383/128 Memorial Group Members
Linda Blewett - Granddaughter of Kenneth Porteous {victim TWA 128}
Richard Maier - Brother of Ronald L. Maier {victim TWA 128}
Joan Horn - Daughter of Edward J. Fasold {victim of AA 383}
Linda Rathbun - Daughter of Forrest Rathbun {victim of AA 383}
Creig Matthieson - Son of  Christian H. Matthieson {victim of AA 383}
Donna Matthieson Bailey - Daughter of  Christian H. Matthieson {victim of AA 383}
Marilyn Matthieson - Daughter of  Christian H. Matthieson {victim of AA 383}
John Waferling Jr. - Son of John Waferling {victim of TWA 128}
Robert Hart - Survivor TWA Flight 128
Barbara Hart - Wife of Robert Hart 
Heather Hart-Wright - Daughter of Robert Hart
Tracy Smith - Survivor TWA Flight 128
Scott Wolf - Son of Paula Wolf Survivor TWA 128
Eileen Haile - Survivor TWA 128
Chris Haile - Survivor TWA 128
Dorian Hart-Cochrane - Daughter of Bruce Hart {victim} AA 383
Don Clark - Son of Andy and Clemmy Clark TWA 128
Karen Menkhaus - Granddaughter of  Alfred and Carrie Helfferich TWA 128
Catherine Hinchburger-Link - Spouse of Clarence Link {victim AA 383}
Catherine Link Donnelly - Daughter of Clarence Link {victim AA 383}
Lynn Link-Durst - Daughter of Clarence Link {victim AA 383}
Sheila O'Brien - Stewardess & Survivor TWA 128
Don Swainbank
Ruth Zint - Spouse of Jack Zint {victim TWA Flight 694}
Susan Zint- Buecker- Daughter of Jack Zint  {victim TWA Flight 694}
Jack Buecker - Spouse of Susan Buecker
Susan Patterson - Daughter of William McDevitt (victim AAFlight 383}
Julia Harman - Daughter of William McDevitt (victim AAFlight 383}
Bill Myers - Host of WLW 700 Radio "American Airlines Music til' Dawn" 11/8/65
David Brodish - Father was scheduled to fly on AA 383 but canceled several hours before it departed LaGuardia on November 8, 1965
Bill Smith - First Responder Flights 383/128
Harvey Pelley - First Responder Flights 383/128
Harold "Hook" Vines - First Responder Flights 383/128
Paul Dickman - First Responder Flights 383/128
Don Lee - First Responder Flights 383/128
Mark Free - Witness TWA Flight 128
Linda Holbrook - Telephone operator the night of November 20,1967
Chris Stephens - Grandparents provided comfort to victims of TWA 128
Berz W.Wagner - Grandson of Berz S. Wagner {Owner of Wagner Farm}
Bill Wagner - Son of Berz S. Wagner {Owner of Wagner Farm}
Polly Schadler - Daughter of Byron Kinman {Police Chief CVG Airport}
Bridget Striker - Historian Boone County Public Library
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